I am a family history researcher based in the Scottish Borders, near Melrose,  and ideally located to research your family from Southern Scotland.   Many families left this area during the 1800s heading for Canada, Australia,New Zealand and the USA.  


As Borderers often moved from Scotland to England due to the proximity of the border I can carry out work in Cumberland and Northumberland should that be required.


I will work using the statutory records (dating back to 1855) and where available the Old Parish Records (dates vary from parish to parish), poor law records,  censuses from 1841 to 1911, wills, testaments, archive newspapers, directories and prison registers. 



I can carry out work to provide a family history to your own specifications, providing either a maternal, paternal or both lines.  I will work on a direct line backwards or include sibling lines whichever you wish. Obviously it will take more time if more lines are researched but I can undertake research in stages if required.


If you have already completed some of your research I can  complete further work e.g. finding documents in the archives which have not been digitised, continuing your research from that point or provide you with the information so you can continue yourself from there.


Additionally, I can visit the area where your ancestors lived providing photographs of houses, work places, cemeteries and churches associated with your ancestors (Scottish Borders only).   


To start research I will need the name of the furthest back ancestor you have with the date and place of an event that happened, i.e. birth or marriage in Scotland. 


I can provide you with a family tree by email or post, with a small charge for posting overseas.  

Legal Services


I do not currently carry out research for legal purposes i.e. probate or heir - tracing.