Family Research

I charge an hourly rate which to allow research to be tailored to the individual needs of each client. 

Research Fee: £18 per hour

I would ask for a £25 deposit to start the research which will be used for the first one and a half hours research.  At that point I would contact you to review what had been found and the likelihood that your family can be traced.  Thereafter if you decided to continue I would ask for £90 to allow  further research.  If the research did not need the money provided this would be returned to you within three weeks of the research being completed.


Additional Charges

The costs of obtaining copies of documents or officially certified extracts of birth, marriage & death records (if required) are in addition to the hourly fee.  These are charged at the rate set by the relevant archive or record repository, eg in the Borders each photocopy is 50 pence ( $ 0.75 Spring 2015) but other archives may charge more.   Officially certified documents will cost significantly more.


Postage on items more than £4.50


Additional service costs


If you would like your family tree with additional contextual background - what the area was llike at the time, the occupation and socail background then I can provide this again at £18 per hour, this can be discussed once the family tree is nearing completion.  The time needed will depend on how geographically widespead the family was and how many different occupations they undertook.




This work will be undertaken on an individual basis, please contact me direct to discuss.



Payment Options

Payment can be made by UK cheque or by credit or debit card online via PayPal.  All charges are in British Pounds (GBP).  Overseas cheques will be accepted but an additional £10 is requested to cover bank charges.